I had a list of dreams for 2011 that I made in the early months of this year. Amongst them were making some money whilst dressed in my bunny onesie, and writing for the Escapist, a games-orientated website showing the breadth and quality that games writing can, and should, consist of…

So that’s two birds with one stone, then.

Prediction: this image alone will be enough to make about 10% of readers' throats tighten.

Disney-Colo(u)red Death is me taking a look at Bambi, The Lion King and Up and their tear-the-still-beating-heart-from-your-chest moments, and then applying any patterns I spot to the world of videogames. The title is theirs, not mine (which were all as long and unwieldy as emo album track titles), and much better for it.

It’s also my first ever piece of professional journalism. As first times go, it could be a lot, lot worse.

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