You might remember Sam Willet’s guest post for this blog. Or, alternatively, you might be able to scroll down a couple of inches and see it directly under this post. A recap for the short-of-memory or too-lazy-to-scroll: he came into this shrine to lists, best ofs, and Top 50s, and said that having favourites was a load of old pants.

Well, now it’s my turn, squatting over Sam’s Escape Rope blog and, as he puts it, taking a massive dump on one of his passions – in this case, the exciting world of sport.

Talkin' Sports

“In my brief dalliances in teaching English Literature, trying to convince a room of teenagers to pick subtext and meaning out of the literary devices in poems older than the town they lived in, I often found myself butting up against the same argument. Yeah, sir, but what if he just wanted to do it like that? It’s a conversation I’ve found myself in endlessly in my life as an arts student, journalist, and all round massive ponce. Aren’t you just overthinking it a bit? When it comes to sport, oh, how those tables are turned.”

Oh, that’s whetted your appetite, hasn’t it? Well, head over to Sam’s blog for the full piece.

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