2012 Mixc

Back in November last year, I had a great idea.

Having spent my adult life condemning  cards as a waste of paper, writing time, and postmen’s arms, at 23 I found myself seeing the appeal of a Christmas Card List, as a way of getting in touch with friends who are too geographically distant to see as often as I’d like.

Cards are still rubbish, though, and I didn’t fancy trying to make my own, so why not share something with my friends that they could treasure long into the New Year? Why not give them the gift … of tunes?

And so The 2012 Mix was conceived. By the time it was actually born, long overdue, it was early January, but I posted those badboys out regardless to a number of close friends*.

In classic fashion, though, I entirely forgot to attach any tracklist, rendering the CD completely useless as th music discovery gateway I’d intended. So for the benefit of everyone who’s asked me what the songs are, and for anyone playing along at home (in which case, here, have this zip file), here it is:

1 Kitty Pryde – Give Me Scabies
2 Blood Diamonds (feat Grimes) – Phone Sex
3 Big Boi – Mama Told Me
4 Taylor Swift – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
5 Summer Camp – City
6 Japandroids – Younger Us
7 Sleigh Bells – Leader of the Pack
8 HEALTH – Tears
9 Joe Goddard – Gabriel
10 Chvrches – Mother We Share
11 Rustie – Death Mountain
12 Crystal Castles – Sad Eyes
13 Lemonade – Neptune
14 Tennis – Petition
15 Icona Pop – I Love It
16 Kanye West – Cold
17 Grimes – Circumambient
18 Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe

Between this and my end of year round-up (there’s a lot of crossover), I think pretty much every artist I spent serious time with in 2012 is represented.

If you’re observant, you’ll probably notice the mix has got a bit of a loose mirroring structure going on,
because I’m like that sometimes. You might also notice that two of these songs didn’t come out in 2012, because a) I only realised this after burning the first CD, and b) I don’t care, I like both a lot and first listened to them last year so there.

*DISCLAIMER: If you didn’t receive one of these, and you’re currently scowling, it’s probably because I was too scared of being redundant in the face of your superior music knowledge, and ice-cool tastes, or because I don’t know you. There’s also that.

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