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Words in Pictures

Words in Pictures, in Words

Once upon a time, I strayed from this blog, and set up a Tumblr. It’s now defunct because eventually I wasn’t unemployed, but it was a whirlwind romance while it lasted. For some reason, I’ve decided to do it again. Meet Words in Pictures. It’s a photographic scrapbook of all the tastiest morsels of novels, journalism, comics and anything else that could conceivably be said to feature ‘words’, each with an accompanying short essay. To give you an idea of what looks like in practice, here are five of my favourite things I’ve written so far: Some cards from Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game “Imagine a Cylon came into power. Imagine they managed to work out another player was secretly a fellow evil-bot, and made their position unimpeachable while they openly sabotaged the game…Are you starting to see it? That beautiful, complex knotted shape? This is the game in its perfect form.” Read the rest here A Passage from Rachel Edidin’s “Hey, White Americans. We Need to Talk.” “With every protest or riot or strike, public sympathy often seems to lie with what pop-culture always taught me was The Man: they’ve broken laws, it’s their own fault, they’re just being lazy, being greedy, they’ve inconvenienced me personally. I’m far too timid for revolution (or, hell, even for probing people’s reactions in a way that might make them uncomfortable enough to change their minds) but I worry that this is just the system’s antibodies at work.” Read the rest here Two Panels from Grant Morrison’s JLA: Rock of Ages “You can see the world as Lex does, with him as the hero. It’s a very different reading of the Superman story (oh yeah, that blue thing is Superman – ’90s superhero comics everybody!), but it’s one that sticks in the mind. What if all Superman comics are actually pro-Kryptonian propaganda? What if we don’t want to be overseen, which after all is really just another word for ‘watched’?” Read the rest here A Passage from Andrew Hickey’s An Incomprehensible Condition “Rather than performing a close reading of Morrison’s comic, Hickey manages to reproduce the feeling of it by being smarter than the reader by just enough, cutting between ideas just fast enough, that you can still just about follow. The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind to Thomas the Rhymer to Isaac Newton to golem myths to M-theory. It’s dizzying, mimetic criticism.” Read the rest here A Passage from Jon Ronson’s The Psychopath Test “It’s utterly convincing when, for example, Bob Hare tells you psychopaths are practically a second species hiding among us like Cylons. Then you turn to the next chapter, and encounter a completely contradictory perspective, and are won over by that one too. They all kind of plaster over one another, giving The Psychopath Test the texture of a palimpsest.” Read the rest here