Danny Stoker

An Announcement.

Okay. So it’s the first Monday of December. That’s got to be something important, right? Right here, right now, it is. For the rest of the month of December, Alex-Spencer.co.uk shall be exploding into a crazy new format. The traditional end-of-year list is a bit boring as a format, innit? And I’ve been working the Quarters all year, so you could probably take a good guess at what I’d pick and see what lengthy rubbish I’ve got to spout on the matter. Having spent a while thinking it all through, I had a suddenly-awake 3am revelation. It was a lot like Batman’s recent moment of epiphany (unlike Batman, however, I didn’t need to vomit a load of black stuff that transformed into a demonic bat to reach this conclusion). I’ve realised how much I rely on my allies, my online brothers in arms. Bruce Wayne launched Batman Inc. I’m launching Alex-Spencer … & Friends! This is my blogging superteam, the Justice League of words, the Online Avengers. What exactly does that mean? Well…-Articles on all manners of seasonal stuff: from festive food to, hopefully, at least one guide to Christmas ukelele tunes.-Discussion of all the best stuff from the last year: 2010’s essential reading, listening, viewing and every conceivable type of cultural fallout.-Essays. Lists. The odd stray review we’ve been looking for a reason to finish.-And most importantly, an even wider range of specialities/insanities. Allow my to briefly introduce our players for this entertainment: More on each and every one of these characters as they (hopefully) submit stuff. Stuff that will sear off your eyeballs with its brilliance, I promise. See you at the aftermath. Peace.x Danny Stoker has posted his intentions for the …& Friends! season over on his exceedingly tasty-but-difficult-to-type-into-an-address-bar blog Lunch&DinnerMadeMe. They’re rather exciting, and I say that only 50% as someone who’s likely to benefit from his cooking experiments.