I’ve already done the hype thing for Project 52 on my Tumblr, but for those of you who don’t want to venture into those dark waters:

Fact One

DC are cancelling every last one of their titles, and starting at #1 all over again, in theory creating a whole new universe that’s younger, sleeker and different. Renumbering isn’t unusual in comics, but this includes titles like Action Comics – the comic which introduced Superman, and has been running since the ’30s for 904 issues without ever going back to a new #1.

Fact Two

There will be 52 of these new titles. That’s a potential $160 to be wasted on comics (trust me, I’ve done the maths) in one month. So I’ve assembled my own super-team – my Justice League, if you will – to take that particular bullet for you, and read and review every single one of those titles. Alex Spencer, the incredible Self-Hyper. Tim Maytom, the astounding Trivia Lad. And introducing Bret Canny, the mysterious Third Man (whose secret identity is that he’s a housemate of Tim’s, I believe, but shhh).

Fact Three

This week – the first of five – is an easy one. One final lingering thread from the old DC universe (Flashpoint #5, which we won’t be looking at) and the First Ever Title of The New DC Universe, Justice League #1. All three of us will be looking at this in turn, and I’ll be adding the reviews as they come in. So with no further ado, it’s time to find out what Tim thought…

Tim’s Review

Justice League 1

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