starts with
Katy Perry feat. Kanye West – ET (alone, music video online)
…about which I’m unsure. Listened to it because it popped up on Kieron Gillen’s Formspring. As usual, he’s fairly spot on (except about California Gurls, tut tut). I can’t imagine this song actually existing outside of the video, which isn’t a particularly good sign. The Yeezy bits are pretty good (especially the mentions of bathing his ape in your milky way) but … does it remind anyone else of Tatu, a bit? The video itself is interesting though, and it’s good that after the visual inadequacy of the Gaga Born This Way video, good to know someone’s still making absolutely ridiculous music videos.
Childish Gambino – Break (alone, on Spotify, having downloaded the free MP3)
Still brilliant. Increasingly fond of the so elegant its fragile opening.
Neutral Milk Hotel – King of Carrot Flowers, Part One (alone, on Spotify)
An attempt at listening to what is possibly my favourite album, but I forgot to turn shuffle off yesterday and so an advert and a leap into a song by a different band ruin it. Sigh. Then it’s time to finally break open
Britney Spears – Femme Fatale (alone, on Spotify)
Which is neither as bad as I’ve heard claimed, nor as ‘sick’ as my sister suggested it might be. It’s just Britney embracing current musical trends, and thus getting away from some of what makes her actually a bit unique, a lot like Madonna for the majority of the last ten years (and especially 4 Minutes). The real test is: would I dance to it, in the right situation? There is only one way to find out, dear readers.
LCD Soundsystem – All of My Friends (alone, on Spotify)
Inspired by a skim of the mammoth Pitchfork article on every James Murphy release, which I intend to properly read at some point. It finished, leaving silence as I polished up some resources for a lesson I’m teaching; in need of a inobtrusive soundtrack I put on
Mystery Jets – ‘Serotonin’ (tracks 1-3, alone, on Spotify)
then, showertime, so I hook my phone up to my portable speaker and on comes
Los Campesinos! – In Medias Res (alone, through my mobile phone)
Courtesy of Mr Bradley et al’s This Is Not Yr Indie Radio podcast. An unexpected but pleasant meeting of Miles’ voice and my nudity. Including, in a continuation of his apparent mission to convert me to The Cult of Glover,
Childish Gambino – Freaks & Geeks (alone, mobile phone)
Which I do not enjoy as much as yesterday’s Song of The Day Break, but is still highly pleasurable, especially the “are there Asian girls here? Minority report!” bit, which like all the best jokes took me a little moment.
Dismemberment Plan – You Are Invited
Owls – Everyone is My Friend

The whole experience is ruined somewhat by getting water in one ear. Ears are my body’s primary weakness, Alex-Spencer-Fact-Fans! They get unexpectedly warm, turn to ice in the cold, and do a weird itchy thing where I have to click my tongue to do a sort of internal scratch. …I am deeply, deeply gross.
Childish Gambino – Break (with Ben, on Spotify)
goes back on to remind myself what it’s called so I can mention it above, and then am too scared to put anything else on, as I would have to note it down and inevitably write about it, and while I did that I’d no doubt have to put something else on, which I’d then have to write …. curse your infinite Moebius loops, Music Diary Project! I was meant to go home an hour ago!
Errors – A Rumour in Africa [Gold Panda remix]
The Weeknd – What You Need
Nick Straker Band – Straight Ahead
Matt & Kim – Lessons Learned (all on train, through phone)

…I finally do, and put Not Yr Indie Radio back on for company, followed by
The Flaming Lips – ‘The Soft Bulletin’ (whole album, on the train/walking round town, through my DS)
Radiohead – ‘The King of Limbs’ (whole album, on the train, DS)
to accompany my reading of a music magazine from 2003 I picked up for 50p from the record shop and of Chabon’s Wonderboys. This fills the two-hour journey home beautifully, so much so I don’t notice when King of Limbs runs out five minutes before everything else. As I put the book down, I’m still humming bits of the album to myself.
Radiohead – Karma Police (on Zoë’s car radio)
Muse – Knights of Cydonia (on Zoë’s car radio)
Both of which – it being sunny, smelling of cut grass, shooting round my hometown in my sister’s shiny new car – somehow summon Summer and make me wonder whether radio stations have an emergency ‘it’s sunny!’ backup playlist.
Amanda Palmer – ‘Who Killed Amanda Palmer’ (tracks 1-5, alone, on Spotify)
is a lot noisier than I remembered, despite it only having been a week since I last listened to it, and I recoil a bit. Weird side-effect of this ‘Project’: I think it’s actually making me a bit more afraid of music. So I take a hours-long break afterwards, not listening to anything else till just the right side of midnight, squeezing in
Kanye West – ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ (whole album, alone on Spotify)
in preparation for forthcoming blog post. I’m familiar enough with it now that even the noisy lyric heaviness can be blended into the background of my consciousness while I write a different blogpost.

…Wednesday was my most music-filled day yet this week – for a good few weeks, even – but no definitive Song of The Day that has grabbed me by the lapels and demanded my attention. Which is very much the kind of day it has been through and through, actually. Tomorrow I’ll probably be busy working and the post will be much slimmer. You lucky people!

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