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Disclaimers: these continue to be non-numerically ordered, except occasionally. Very much continued from Part One:

50. Cee Lo Green – F*BOING!!!* You (Single, August 19)
…But not by this, which achieved the rare feat of gaining all the popularity it deserved.
49. Lost – ‘The End’ (TV: Series 6, Episode 17)
Far from perfect, but it was the culmination of six years waiting, and it delivered in at least a few ways.
48. Taskmaster #1 (Comic, Marvel)
A perfectly-structured comic with a sense of humour, about memory and the silliness of supervillians.
47. Super Meat Boy (XBLA Game, Team Meat)
Tender meat crashes against hard-as-nails levels, again and again and again.
46. Robyn – Indestructible (Single, December 15)
The best Robyn song of a year of great Robyn songs, paying off a mild acoustic version into full-on electropop heartbreak.
45. Mystery Jets – Serotonin (Album, Rough Trade)
Which has faded for me a little with time, but remains a fantastically well-sculpted piece of work.
44. ‘The James Franco Project’ (Article, New York Magazine)
As this list probably shows, 2010 was the year I discovered profiles of celebrities; also how fascinating James Franco is.
43. House to Astonish (Podcast)
Perhaps the most particular pleasure on this list: two blokes analysing and chatting about the world of comics.
42. Christina Aguilera – Woohoo (Single, May 18)
One of the excellent (and in this case ridiculous) tracks – of which there are a few – on Bionic, in case featuring Nicki Minaj and childlike euphenisms.
41. Xiu Xiu – Dear God, I Hate Myself (from Dear God I Hate Myself)
Proving that any emotion, pushed far enough into melodrama, can be unexpectedly catchy pop.
40. N-Strike Night Finder EX-3 (Nerf Gun)
There have already been a couple of late nights defined by these ridiculous, hilarious toys.
39. Super Crate Box (PC Game, Downloadable)
Apply large range of weapons to rapidly approaching enemies in a 2d platforming landscape; only held from Spelunky-esque greatness by its brevity.
38. The Arcade Fire – The Suburbs (Music Video, dir. Spike Jonze)
Arcade Fire continued work on winning me over on this album with… a Spike Jonze sci-fi-inflected suburban teens video?

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37. Big Boi – Sir Luscious Left-Foot (Album, Def Jam)
Continues to defy my every attempt to write about it: top-end, foot-stomping, inventive hip-hop.
36. Kylie – All The Lovers (Single, 28 June)
2010 was the year I got why people fancied Kyle: All The Lovers definitely helped.
35. Invincible Iron Man: Stark Disassembled (Trade Paperback, Marvel)
A story of which Stark spends 90% unconscious on the floor of a school’s basement has never been so thrilling.
34. Crystal Castles with Robert Smith – Not in Love (Single, December 6)
Putting a heartbeat in the frozen chest of the Crystal Castles machine.
33. LCD Soundsystem – This is Happening (Album, DFA Records)
The one album of this year (that I was able to get into) that still felt bigger than me, and probably always will.
32. The Redletter ‘Attack of the Clones’ Review (Youtube Video)
Not as good as the original Phantom Menace review, perhaps, but still observant and inventive enough to (almost) justify the films’ existence.
31. Lady Gaga – Alejandro (Single, May 18)Gaga drawing from a slightly different, more Euro-centric set of influences and screaming my name in Spanish.
30. @kanyewest (Twitter Account)
I’ve had to break it off, now, but this was amazing fun – Kanye sharing his passion for rugs, and begging our forgiveness – while it lasted.
29. Nicki Minaj – Your Love (Single, June 1)
Ms. Minaj has been one of this year’s most interesting cases, and Your Love is the perfect debut single
28. PunisherMAX: Kingpin (Trade Paperback, Marvel)Really, deeply horrible stuff, with the odd dirty laugh, in the fine tradition of the Punisher.
29. Gameboys From Hell (Article, Rock Paper Shotgun)
How I came to meet and love Solium Infernum, but also an unusually compelling game-diary in and of itself.
28. Standard Fare – Fifteen (from The Noyelle Beat)
The year’s best song about that paedophilic gray area known as 15-years-old.
27. Belle & Sebastian – I Didn’t See it Coming (from Write About Love)
Write About Love didn’t quite find my heart this year, but a lot of its songs did, and this climbed straight to the top of the pile.
26. Come Dine With Me (TV, Channel 4)

Which I watched everywhere, with everyone, inspiring a multitude of emotional responses, all year long.

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25. Los Campesinos! – Romance is Boring (Album, Wichita)
Didn’t go quite as far as I wanted into EMO, but is still a fantastic album.
24. Mystery Jets – Flash a Hungry Smile (from Serotonin)
Being a bit embarassingly frank and earnest about sexual urges, whilst whistling, is what Mystery Jets should always sound like.
23. Hot Chip – One Life Stand (Music Video, dir. Peter Serafinowicz)
Equal parts hilarious and horrifying.
22. Blur (360 Game, Bizarre)
Probably the most consistently underrated game of the year; that Bizarre are non-existent is tragic.
21. Katy Perry – Firework (Single, October 26)
Actually kind of standing in for the joint impact of this and Teenage Dream, which were slow burners in my affections but both worked perfectly.
20. Perfect Dark (XBLA Game, 4J)
It’s pretty surprising, given my lack of nostalgic attachment to the original, how well this stands up 10 years on.
19. ‘Roger Ebert: The Essential Man’ (Article, New York Times)Which was a pretty heartwrenching way of learning the year’s gaming boogeyman was ill
18. Belle & Sebastian, Birmingham Symphony Hall, 06/12/10
B&S + Orchestra + Musical Storytelling as Support = Best Gig of the Year
17. The Divine Comedy – At the Indie Disco (from Bang Goes The Knighthood)
A great gimmick to build a song around, perfectly observed.
16. The xx – Islands (Music Video, dir. Saam)
A perfect, neat conceptual video of an endlessly looping, slowly changing three-second dance: this is my bag, baby.
15. Robyn – Dancing on My Own (Acoustic, BBC Live Lounge)
Should’ve been on the final Body Talk, to complete the cycle of acoustic/dancefloor versions of singles, and because it is best.
14. Ellerbisms (Webcomic)
Which ended with a classically Ellerbisms emo-sweetness earlier this year.
13. Daisy Owl (Webcomic)
Which ended, completely without warning earlier this year.
12. Kermode & Mayo’s Film Reviews (Podcast)
Which have owned the vast majority of walks I’ve taken this year, and the majority of cinema tickets I’ve bought.
11. Girl Talk – All Day (Album, Illegal Art)
Much spoken about.
10. Spotify (Software, v2.0)
Spotify has officially taken over: it’s the first guest at any party, it defines what I listen to and when, and it’s replaced poor Media Player in my heart.

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9. 30 Days of Music (Meme)
A lot less tangible than pretty much everything on this list, but the one which SHOOK THIS BLOG TO ITS CORE!!!
8. Stewart Lee – ‘Vegetable Stew’ (Standup, Wolverhampton Civic)
Very clearly material-in-progress, but Stewart Lee is one of those people I find incessantly fascinating; also, hilarious.
7. Gil Scott-Heron – I’m New Here (Album, XL)
A character piece focused on a very real character.
6. The Arcade Fire – The Suburbs (Album, Mercury Records)
…Okay, I admit it, I ended up really liking it.
5. Toy Story 3 (Film, dir. Lee Unkrich)
At all times Toy Story 3 provided at least one of: lump in throat/laughter/sheer visual beauty.
4. Return of Bruce Wayne #2 (Comic, DC)
Batman travels through time, from the stone age to the end of time: how was it ever going to be anything less than brilliant?
3. “Punch these pretentious things and just punch a clock” (lyric from Arcade Fire’s Sprawl II)
If this website had something carved into its arm, it would be these words.
2. “Carve my snatch into a smile” (lyric from The Indelicates’ Flesh)
…And these would be the words which haunted its dreams.
1. Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour (Graphic Novel, Oni Press)
And it really was.

…Quite the year, I’m sure you’ll agree. Thanks for reading, folks. Next we meet, we can get back to the matter of the future!
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