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My latest experiment in making end-of-year lists a little more interesting, for everyone involved. One hundred short(ish) sentences on the years best … well, anything. I never can confine myself to one medium very successfully, a fact to which this website is testament. Arranged in little to no particular order, except when there’s a reason.
2010 Part 1

100. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (Film, dir. Edgar Wright)
Not Scott’s finest hour (or Wright’s) but merely not-screwing-up makes it one of the best films of the year.
99. The Indelicates – Flesh (from Songs for Swinging Lovers)
At least briefly my song of the year, for its absolute brutal beauty.
98. The Arcade Fire – Sprawl II (from The Suburbs)
Arcade Fire would have to work pretty hard to get me to fall for this new album: Sprawl II, being another best-of-year prospect, worked harder than that.
97. Batman & Robin #13 (Comic, DC)
One of the best issues of the greatest fun I’ve ever had with a superhero.
96. Inception (Film, dir. Christopher Nolan)
Lots of moving parts and head scratching: the year’s best-designed puzzle.
95. Sleep is Death (PC Game, Jason Rohrer)
I love it just for existing: a game of telling stories and endless lo-fi possibilities.
94. Big Boi – Fo Yo Sorrows (from Sir Lucious Left Foot)The first teasing appetiser which got me all excited for Big Boi’s solo debut.
93. Panique au Village (Film, dir. Stephane Aubier & Vincent Patar)

You know how sometimes you see films on a whim of a lazy Sunday afternoon, and sometimes they’re insane genius?
92. Rihanna – Rude Boy (Single, February 22)
Female all-powerful sexpop: mm, my favourite!
91. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii Game, Nintendo)
Like a blackhole, it sucks you in, time is compressed: on the other side lies a new world of twisty beauty.
90. The Social Network (Film, dir. David Fincher)
Which I still haven’t seen twice, otherwise it’d probably be my favourite of the year and I’d have written a 2,000 word post on why.
89. Die Antwoord – Enter the Ninja (Single, August 9)
If only for Danny Stoker spitting the “my life’s like a videogameā€ lines at every opportunity.
88. Vampire Weekend – Giving Up The Gun (Music Video, dir. The Malloys)
Pop-surrealism, tennis, RZA and a Jonas Brother… you wanna watch it now, don’t you?
87. Night & Day (Short Film, Pixar)
In which Pixar play to their masterfully efficient storytelling skills, and present, essentially, an update Chuck Berry cartoon.
86. Phonogram: Singles Club #7 (Comic, Image)
Because sometimes you just have to go howling into the night.

Pt 1 Strip 1

85. Gorillaz – On Melancholy Hill (Single, July 26)
In which Gorillaz strip away most of what makes them Gorillazy, and reveal a pure reverberating heart.
84. Green T (Restaurant, Lichfield, UK)
The all-you-can-eat philosophy applied to an actual fantastic menu of freshly-cooked Chinese food.
83. Robyn – Indestructible (Music Video, dir. Ljunggren & Vitali)Gets sex more right than any video/film/etc I’ve ever seen.
82. Example – Kickstarts (Single, June 14)
Given the last thing I liked of Example’s was 2007’s Don’t Want To, I was totally blindsided by this shard of perfect pop music.
81. Halo: Reach – Beta (360 Game, Bungie)
I’ve still only played the Beta, but that month of four maps and three game-modes gave me more fun than most entire games.
80. Sleigh Bells – Treats (Album, N.E.E.T./Mom & Pop)
…Which, when pressured last night, I named my Favourite Album of the Year.
79. Lost – ‘Dr Linus’ (TV, Series 6 Episode 7)
The last time Lost was ever truly great.
78. Kate Nash – Mansion Song (from My Best Friend is You)
It’s been a great year for songs that make me feel uncomfortable about being male, and for good reason.
77. Super Scribblenauts (DS Game, 5th Cell)
The cause of a couple of entirely welcome sleepless nights of wondering ‘what if you tried…?’.
76. Neil Young’s Greendale (Comic, Vertigo)
Bundling together a load of stuff I have no interest in, swiftly solved by Cliff Chiang’s art.
75. LCD Soundsystem – I Can Change (Single, June 26)
Pathetic in the all the right, searingly honest ways.
74. Robyn – U Should Know Better (from Body Talk Pt 2)
The second best song this year to feature Snoop Dogg.
73. Stacja De Luxe (Bar, Gdansk, Poland)
If you don’t like the idea of drinking cocktails in a converted Polish petrol station, well, you’re dead to me.
72. Four Lions (Film, Dir. Chris Morris)
Thought very deeply about, and humanised the terrorist threat … and then blew it up.
71. Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #1 (Comic, Marvel)
Probably the most fun you can have with 22 pages of drawings of guys in their pyjamas.

Pt 1 Strip 2

70. Scott Pilgrim vs The World (Soundtrack, Various)
The best soundtrack in a year of great soundtracks…
69. Inception (Score, Hans Zimmer)…and the best score.
Los Campesinos! (Gig @ The Rainbow, Birmingham, 1 March)
The only gig that’s ever left me excited enough to follow the band to Northampton the next day.
67. The Expendables (Film, dir. Sylvester Stallone)
Perhaps the greatest comedy film of the year.
66. Solium Infernum (PC Game, Cryptic Comet)
Boardgames aren’t cool; screwing your friends over is cool.
65. ‘The Gastronomic Logic of No Puddings’ (Blog, Lunch & Dinner Made Me)
Made a no-pudding tragedy into something clever and funny that only Dan could/would have written.
64. Crystal Castles – Crystal Castles (Album, Polydor)
Which got overshadowed by Treats, its younger sexier cousin, but was the Right Thing To Do Next for Crystal Castles.
63. Lady Gaga & Beyonce – Telephone (Music Video, dir. Jonas Akerlund)
Self-consciously Gaga’s ‘Thriller’: any possible self-inflation was undercut by the brilliance of the cigarette sunglasses.
62. Big Boi feat. Vonnegutt – Follow Us (Single, July 20)
Just another fine cut from Big Boi’s album that works even better standing alone.
61. Atta Girl (Club, Island Bar, Birmingham)
Girls-only music + Phonogram posters + free veggie cakes + hugging the DJ at the end = best clubnight ever.
60. Lara Croft: Guardian of Light (XBLA Game, Crystal Dynamics)

Tomb Raider used to encourage you to yell at Lara; this encourages you to give your co-op buddy a dead arm.Pt 1 Strip 3

59. My Chemical Romance – Na Na Na [Na Na Na Na Na] (Single, 7 November)
If you don’t pump your fist in the air at the beautiful stupidity of that title, you won’t like this, and you’re wrong.
58. Janelle Monae – The ArchAndroid (Album, Bad Boy Records)
Actually me hedging my bets: failed to give it enough time this year, but it’s the kind of classy pop that will recur in 2011.
57. ‘M.I.A’s Agitprop Pop’ (Profile, New York Times)
Went about ruining poor M.I.A.’s year, but in a way that made for fascinating reading.
56. M.I.A – XXXO
And it wasn’t really her year; but XXXO is a direct hit to the temple, to the feet, via the hips.
55. Cemetery Junction (Film, dir. Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant)
Small town England, given the Hollywood treatment; but, like, really good.
54. @discographies (Twitter Account)
Not just tweet-length album reviews; entire artist reviews in 140 characters.
53. Los Campesinos! – The Sea is A Good Place To Think About The Future (from Romance is Boring)
Which was my favourite song of last year, but the album came out in 2010, and this song still dominated it.
52. Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross – In The Hall of The Mountain King (from The Social Network Soundtrack)
Made the Alton Towers song really actually quite terrifying.
51. Katy Perry – California Girls (Single, June 20)
And the Number One that convinced me I should follow the charts: I was soon disappointed…

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