So it’s finally happened. Originally part of my planned Valentine’s related love extravaganza, I let loose about a band I love. A lot.*
My words found themselves, dazed and confused, on the page in the esteemed publication Redbrick. You can see the edited-for-paper version at the Redbrick website.

And it’s good. I’m pleased with it. But I’m here today to talk about the extended, nearly-double-the-length version that I’ve just unleashed onto the internet. It’s almost dangerously bloggy, but I felt its home remained with Redbrick, not least because it starts:

“Los Campesinos! were the first band I ever wrote about for Red­brick, back when my cheeks were rosier and I still believed in Santa. Com­par­ing them to the musi­cal ver­sion of fizzy pop, I gave Hold On Now, Young­ster… an 8. A cou­ple of years and a cou­ple of hun­dred lis­tens to the album later: this is a pub­lic apology.”

And I only get more reverential from there. Find out just how far I’ll go on…well, the Redbrick website again.

Everything I talk about in the article is available on Spotify– just be warned of the other, Spanish Los Campesinos! on there.

*Both that I love a lot, and that I gushed a lot.

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