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As we rapidly deplete what remains of 2012, people like me get the sudden itch to make lists like these. I’ve done it for the past four years on this very blog, and have tried to find an interesting format each time – whether it’s 100 one-sentence reviews, long-form essays, or imaginary mixtapes.

This year, I’m too old and too tired to think of anything particularly original, so I’m going to use that most hackneyed of formalist devices: mirroring. From now until the New Year, I’ll be publishing a quick rundown of my year’s highlights in pop culture, starting today with film, and then start January with something more longform on a single example of the year’s best in each.

On New Year’s Eve, as the centrepiece of this tomfoolery, we’ll have our annual Person of the Year piece from Tim Maytom (winner: Alex’s personal man of the year, 1997-present, and owner of a shiny new blog at Trivia-Lad.co.uk).

There’s a full schedule below, if only so you can watch how quickly I veer off it. I’ll try and add links as I go.
27 Dec – Film
29 Dec – Games
30 Dec – Comics
31 Dec – Music
31 Dec – Person of the Year
1 Jan – Games: ?????????? & ??????
2 Jan – Music: ????????
3 Jan – Comics: ????
4 Jan – Film: ??? ????? ?? ??? ?????

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