Written as a lark, really (I was on a friend’s radio show and decided to do a joke poetry slot), playing with a Burroughsesque Cut-Up method (with some editing/cheating/re-punctuating) from a copy of the Uni paper we had lying around. I thought it actually came out alright, if a bit bland. Anyway, this is how the stars (or pieces of paper) aligned…


One week after
Until the general election.
This period of economic
Even if you are stacking shelves
On the job market.

A little disjointed.
A coveted seat.
A bit of a hero.

Are young women more violent
And abusive than older women?

(The Russian Dream Book)
Like thousands of students in Britain.”

…I wonder if I should put up some of the poetry I’ve written that I’m actually proud of up.
Probably not, I’d be too self-conscious.

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