Annnnd we’re out.

Thankyou, every single pair of eyeballs that are laid on this. And to all the many pairs that won’t see this, but did read something. I hope you all enjoyed your time Chez Spencer as much as we enjoyed having you.

I’m having to be careful to stop myself from gushing here, the last month having been really wondefully interesting. The old ego was fed by the uptick in visitors (and kept in check by the fact that it was always other people’s stuff that got the most hits, which is as it should be). My faith in humanity was fed by the titular &Friends, every single one of them an operator at the highest degree. Hopefully Alex-Spencer&Friends was a good platform for all the fascinating material it somehow managed to attract.

Speaking of which…


“But is it Christmas?”:

The Problem With Festive Songs
(Alex Spencer)

“Tim’s Top Cinematic Treat of The Year”:
The Brothers Bloom
(Tim Maytom)

“Call to Arms”:
Belle & Sebastian Live, Being One of The Best Gigs of the Year
(Alex Spencer)

“2010 – A Glass Half-Full”:
Drawing A Line Between Empire State of Mind and a Good Year
(Sam Lewis)

“2010 – A Glass Half-Empty”:
Drawing a Line Between New York is Killing Me and a Complete Mess of a Year
(Sam Lewis)

“A Pee-Pee Soaked Heckhole”:
Solium Infernum & The Joy of Making Friends Weep
(Alex Spencer)

Gifts for the Music Enthusiast/Talentless Scenester in Your Life”:
On Being a Hipster at Christmas

(Sam Cowley)

“The Ten Best Moments on Girl Talk’s All Day, in Chronological Order”:

or, Beats per Second, a Manifesto
(Miles Bradley)

“What Are Your Essential Pieces of Christmas Culture?”:
An Examination of the Fragmented Subjectivity of the Festive Period

(Team &Friends!)

“Technology 2010, an Overview”:
Why & How Dav Hates Apple and Will Be Their End
(David Inkpen)

“Best Album Haikus”:
(Tim Maytom)

All Day” :
How I Learned To Stop Worrying & Love The Mashup

(Alex Spencer)

“{7} Years of Manic Pixie Dream Girls”:
A Cinematic History

(Alex Spencer)

“The State of Games in 2010”:
An Hyperbolic Over-Reaching

(Alex Spencer)

“Listomania, I”:
Being Half of 2010, Defined in Single Sentences

(Alex Spencer)

“Man of The Year”:
A Verdict Given, Too Modestly
(Tim Maytom)

“Listomania, II”:
Being The Other Half of 2010, Defined in Single Sentences
(Alex Spencer)


Alex-Spencer…&Friends! It was a rare successful experiment, and one of my defining parts of 2010. At risk of getting a bit like one of those work do’s where everyone is giving everyone else bouquets of flowers and boxes of chocolates and cheeky snogs outside the fire exit, thankyou. It wasn’t the smoothest ride, I know, but y’all made it look elegantly effortless.

Peace and love, 2011. Enjoy the future.


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