So, for anyone that doesn’t already know, I went and got a Tumblr over the weekend, and I’m starting to post stuff on it. And — no, this doesn’t mean — look, I still love this here blog, okay? But I’ve got a world of half-finished stuff written, and things I couldn’t quite fit into my ‘vision’ of what this site does (i.e., makes me look vaguely professional).

So now there’s The Dirty Mistress, in which I widen my output to include all of my interests (i.e., pictures of puppies and stuff) and inane stuff about my life. It’s like an overweight Twitter, perhaps. After Monday’s wordfest on …But That Was [Yesterday], I went and did something slightly more casual on Frozen Synapse, which I’ll be following up with posts of more disorganised thoughts as I keep playing and then will probably hammer it into some neater review-type shape for this site. That kind of crossover will be reasonably typical, I suspect, as long as I have all this accursed spare time on my hands.

Anyway, it’s there for you to use if you want an extra dose of me. You deeply troubled individual.

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