Ah, the footprintless snow of a new social media platform. This Is My Jam. Like Twitter but for music, is the elevator pitch you can imagine its creators giving. Choose a song, pick a YouTube video or HypeMachine mp3, and show off your brilliant taste to whatever people you can convince to join up.
It’s simple, and it’s good-looking (as long as your chosen YouTube video has a nicely-sized preview image, or you can be bothered to upload a picture which, let’s be honest, you can’t) and, for me personally, it arrived at exactly the right moment.
With Spotify having reduced its listening limit to an amount I can apparently burn through in one working day, I needed a way of listening to new music, without doing anything illegal, before I commit to buying it. Neatly, the site runs all your friends’ current Jams into a smooth playlist, so as long as people keep updating, I have an hour or two of cutely personalised radio station every day.
That curation streamlines the all-important discovery process. Frankly, I’ve never fully clicked with a single music publication, certainly not since Plan B closed down, and this means I can put everything whose taste I consider worthwhile in one place and force them to feed me new songs.
So that’s Spotify ticked off, and Pitchfork… I wish it came a little closer to dethroning, but at present there’s not much in the way of an archive. As the end of 2011 approaches, and all the music I’ve loved this year slips through cracks in my brain, I’d appreciate a way to go back and check out everything I deemed worthy of a Jam.
The biggest flaw, though, is in what it shares with Twitter. You’re given the chance to say a little something alongside your chosen track, but it really is a little something – 110 characters, by my count.
I appreciate discipline, and brevity – it’s not a blog, after all – but it’s too little for anything more than a jokey aside. The way I use it, listening to everything on offer before picking the day’s finest, that’s okay, but I want to tell anyone who doesn’t use it like that why they should listen to my Jam.
Although… ‘Because I have the greatest taste in music EVER, obv!’ – that’s less than 110 characters, isn’t it?

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