day 27 – a song that you wish you could play

A tough one this, given that I have no musical talent*, and I’m happy being the passive observer…

Tenacious D – Fudge** Her Gently

So I have no interest in playing an instrument, what other reasons are there for wanting to play something? Plain and simple…


And this was genuinely the only song I could think of. Anyone wondering how exactly I ensnared the delightful Imogen? Fellas, listen closely. Ladies: imagine this being whispered passionately into your ear, with actions and everything… What’s that, you’ll be dropping by this blog a lot more frequently now? I thought so.

And it’s easy to mock and say, Alex, this is a song by two fat blokes! Alex! It only lasts two minutes. I say, so what? Sometimes … you got to give her some smoochies too.

(Happy Easter, y’all!)

*Scientific fact.
**I made the (somewhat arbitrary) decision a while back that this was a family-friendly website and by golly I’ll stick to it!

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