day 24 – a song that you want to play at your funeral

Hmm. Pick-’em-up cheeriness or out-and-out heartbreaker?

Radiohead – Videotape

Heartbreak it is, then.

More on my relationship with Radiohead later in our scheduled programme of events… Videotape‘s one of the few Radiohead songs I can listen to out of its album context. Partially because I got my hands on the beautiful Thom Yorke version seen above while I impatiently waited for In Rainbows to happen.

I was frustrated with myself when, looking across the 30 posts I’d have to make, I saw the funeral song day. I know I have an answer to it, possibly one truer and better than this, but it never came to mind.

Nevertheless, Videotape is an almost perfect choice: it’s reverent enough, all pianos and strained vocals, that I can’t imagine too much vicar-wincing. It projects into the future well enough: the kind of music that’ll hold up, both in the world and my tastes. And, bonus marks, it’s actually about death, Thom Yorke communicating from beyond the dead in words in scraped-thin vocals. It’s never going to start a mass break-out of singing (good, I’m bloody dead, you can save your merriment till you’re drinking my booze at the wake).

Hey, it’s such a good choice I almost want to be there…

For bonus morbidity, check out Radiohead’s New Years Eve 2007 podcast Scotch Mist version of Videotape, which comes accompanied by a poem about a graveyeard.

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