day 17 – a song that you hear often on the radio

I’m giving up on my weather commentary. By the time I’ve taken all the typos out and got the video working, it tends to have completely changed. So make your own snappy intro to this (or don’t bother, just turn up the volume, hit play, and marvel at how it’s still not loud enough):

Big Boi – Shutterbugg

One of those songs I’m surprised by, for no good reason at all, every time I hear it on the radio. Having seen the video to Shutterbugg‘s (perhaps superior) predecessor Fo Yo Sorrows through the hipster-paradise Pitchfork, I think I might’ve forgot just how famous Outkast are.

And of course, that ignores the true litmus test: as mentioned yesterday, my target-demographic of a sister. I exposed her to these two songs not expecting much. Within a half-hour, I could hear it blasting under her door.

And here we are, and it’s getting pretty wide play on Radio 1. You might not have heard it yet, and the song’s radioplay is admittedly in its infancy, and might not go any further. But I’d be surprised if none of the songs of Big Boi’s forthcoming Sir Luscious Left Foot explode this summer. I admit, this entry is me taking the opportunity to be-there-first on something. And it could explode gloriously in my face.

The irony of this choice is: Shutterbugg doesn’t sound that good on the radio. The song is carved out of pure sound, with shattering and stuttering while Big Boi works the bass of whatever you’re playing the music through. A shower radio just ain’t going to cut it. I haven’t tried it in a car yet*, but the couple of radios I’ve heard it on seems like the version being broadcast is missing the bottom layer. This terrible affliction struck Rude Boy too (and Big Boi’s similarly-carved-out-of-pure-sound Outkast song Ghetto Musick), though not as badly, and means that the song is currently being carried by waves of ‘Ooh, they’re playing this?

I suggest hooking this laptop up to your best available soundsystem, wandering over to your reputable music source of choice, and getting lost. You won’t be able to avoid it in a month, so get your enjoyment in while you can.

*This is the exact kind of thing that the Parsonsmobile was created for.

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  1. I don't "radio" much, but I walked into a Spar to buy an ice cream yesterday and they had Radio 1 on and this was blaring loud. It was a good moment. I'm so excite about the Big Boi album. Making a top 10 records this year is getting more and more painfully difficult (thankfully)

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