day 12 – a song from a band you hate

The last few days have been a real hate-fest. GRR! ARGH!

Death In Vegas – Scorpio Rising

There should have a perfect one, for this. A band whose entire output I dislike, but for one song. And on that song, all the elements I normally dislike – the singer’s irritating voice, the derivative guitar stuff, the muddled production – came together and, just for that three-and-a-half-minutes, made sense. Like the band had been designed, like those statues that only look right from one angle, for this one song, and at all other angles were ugly, and vulgar.

Instead, there’s this. And it’s kind of cheating.

See, now, I have nothing against Death In Vegas. But Scorpio Rising has a guest star, a monkey-man marking his territory all over the record. One Liam Gallagher. Now, Oasis…

Oasis were the proto-band-I-hate, the model for everything that’s come since. Swaggering, empty masculinity. Based on the antagonistic relationship between two brothers who, to me, have never seemed to have the slightest bit of charisma. A vocal style I find boring singing lyrics that mean nothing. Picking on all the right bands in the NME. Completely misunderstanding what the Pop Music is for.

But Scorpio Rising feels so right. It’s an intelligent use of Liam Gallagher’s voice, setting it against a whipping electro-noise that cuts right against the grain of his rough Northern flatness. All that stuff I said about a band coming together perfectly for one song? In an alternative universe, where the Gallaghers sacked everyone in the band including themselves, leaving a couple of tapes of their vocals in a dusty recording studio and hiring some dance-savvy electro-types to do what they wilt with what remained of the band, yes, this would be that song.

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