day 11 – a song from your favorite band

We’ve had a little mini-hate week, today it’s all about the love. Except for the bit where I um and ah about my favourite band and arbitrarily pick and then get caught up on it later…

Pixies – Gigantic

Yeah, so I’m a Gigantic kind of Pixies fan. (And there’s a pun in there, about also being a kind of gigantic Pixies fan. But I’m bigger than that, at least, if not better.) It’s Kim Deal’s projects I’ve followed rather than Frank Black’s. And while the Pixies were, at their best, about the clash of those two personalities, it was with the Pixies that I started to realise: oh, I kind of like the music more when the girl’s singing.

Gigantic works in a lot of ways. It comes on all innocent seductress, with those smooth throbbings hidden beneath everything else. Kim Deal’s voice is, as ever, smoky and dirty. But, for the Pixies, it seems pretty restrained and well-behaved. Until you notice the pull-push nature of the chorus, and some of the lyrics start to seem a bit suspect:

Gigantic, gigantic, gigantic
A big big love

Lovely legs, they are
What a big black mess
What a hunk of love
Walk her every day into a shady place
He’s like the dark, but I’d want him.

Still, I guess it is restrained, relatively speaking. But that’s relative to a band who chronicled to my early mind the dark folds of sexuality: keeping underwear for sniffing and their beloved incest. For Pixies, a song about fancying a black guy ‘cus he’s probably well-endowed is, well, girl’s stuff.

And that’s why they’re my favourite band.

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