day 10 – a song that makes you fall asleep

NOTE: I did not choose this song for its title. This is vastly important. I remembered the sounds and some of the words before I worked out what it was called. It is, perhaps, appropriately named.

The Postal Service – Sleeping In

Unlike, to pick a pointedly relevant example, the music of Owl City, which makes me want to sleep (preferably forever) The Postal Service’s music isn’t boring. It’s soothing. It’s the kind of music that curls your foetal self up in its arms and coo: I know, I know, it’s all alright really.

I’ve always had trouble sleeping on my own. I’m sure you know the feeling – my brain, given space to wander, starts overheating. I used to sleep with the TV on, then graduated to podcasts and music. (Nowadays, I use a white noise generator.) The Postal Service’s Give Up was the perfect choice: arresting and enjoyable while I wound down, and then faded into a static layer of snow over my brain. I recently gave it a session of relistening, to discover that I had no recollection of the album’s final two tracks.

Which, if nothing else, proves that it did its job perfectly.

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