day 7 – a song that reminds you of a certain event

It’s pathetic, but I can’t think of many pivotal events that are worthy of having songs attached to them. Sonic Youth’s Goo reminds of me of two or three bus journeys to school, but that doesn’t really count, does it?

Hole – Celebrity Skin

So I end up defined by my lovely girlfriend again. And I’d bet she doesn’t even remember this…

It could have been my smug realisation of what Hot Chip’s Over and Over was about, with all its joy of repetition, and monkeys playing miniature cymbals. It could have been Weezer, from the exact same night. But, what I remember is dancing with her to this. And thinking: yeah, this could work.

Imi at 15 was probably my exact match.* Sadly, we met at 19, but a girl I could dance with to silly 90s girl-grunge? Hell, that was good enough.

And that’s the event that this reminds me of. Dancing together in the undefined early days, without the in-jokes and the keeping each other happy. One day, perhaps it will be a bitter memory. I really hope not, because I quite like Celebrity Skin and I definitely like being quietly nostalgic about it…

You need some excuse to listen to Hole, right?

*For my 15-year-old self, to be clear for legal reasons.

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