Month: April 2008

I used to come here to have a good time/But I could feel like this at home

A quick gig review for my Uni paper: “Long Blondes, Birmingham Academy 2, 15/04/08 Couples. For or against?That’s what it comes down to: Long Blondes songs have always flirted with infidelity; the band used to be two couples (and one spare) and now they’re not. The new album is called “Couples”, if you want it any more blatant.The gig? A crowd of couples/singletons that’s actually audibly tense and, okay, I only noticed because at every other gig I’ve been on the ‘against’ side but… Oh, the band? A new more-Blondie-than-Pulp direction. All the songs are sharp, individualistic. Even better, the old songs sound fresh and energised. But that sexual tension, in the spoken word bit between Dorian and Kate, and the way she’d prowl the stage… that’s gone. Out with the couples.” (That’s the current version, anyway. It’s supposed to be 20 words shorter. But fuck ’em.)


Here I give the first example of my work, in which mild-mannered reporter Alex Spencer reviews the recent ASM arc.A little taster: “First thing’s first. I’m not going to even try commenting on, or understanding, the Brand New Day fiasco. I’m not going to argue its merits, or add to that huge pile of words pointing out its stupidity. I’m not.” To find out what I do discuss, read on.


So this is it. Day Zero.Welcome, friends, you’re going to be part of an Internet Revolution* Those of you who know me as Daffs, good.Those of you more familiar with the ‘real’ me, a word to the wise: ‘Daffs’ is more than an internet handle. It’s a whole other personality. The Slim to my Marshall, Edward Hyde to my Henry Jekyll. The Goddamn Batman to my Bruce Wayne.In the future (and, oh yes, we’re going to be very concerned with the future here), when people examine the legend of Daffs, they will try to decide: which was the true face? -Thankyou, I hope all is clear. x (*to any studios looking to offer me a lucrative rights deal: it could be televised)